Election season is upon us!

2016 is (most probably) the year of the next Federal election. There’s tons of interesting things happening in local politics, and this means plenty of analysis:

  1. The LNP dropping in the two party preferred polls
  2. Senate reform might be happening
  3. The Nick Xenophon Team is polling quite well in South Australia (big bump to the other vote since last Ipsos poll.)
  4. The NSW Redistribution has been finalised
  5. Secret meetings are happening for (maybe) announcements tomorrow…

I will be updating the site over the next few weeks, with hopefully more content like this:

Hardly dank

That is far more pretty, perhaps looking more like this.

Also, if you hate the new site design. Please, feel free to fix the css for me. I might buy you a beer.

The historical election sites don’t currently redirect to blog.geeklections.com.au, and I’m currently in the process of working through that now. Sorry if you end up getting lost and can’t find yourself again!


Thomas Clement