In the NSW State Election, you will need to fill out a gigantic page of minor parties with preferences for the Upper House (Legislative Council).

To assist with that, I’ve made a below the line vote generator which generates your own personal how-to-vote card you can take to the polling booth with you.

By clicking on your preferred parties in order from most to least preferred, they will be added to your list on the right. Once you are satisfied with your choices, just click the “Download How To Vote” button, and it will generate a .pdf file for you to take with you on your phone, or for easy printing.

The votes themsevles are only below the line and are tactical votes. (TL;DR: To maximise the value of your vote, don’t let it break quota in early rounds).

If you want to restart, please refresh the page.

Tactical Below The Line Vote Generator

Unassigned Groups

Chosen Group Order

Other Voting Notes

Remember to have a look at the number of seats that your chosen parties have won in the previous election. You only really need to vote for candidates around the last seat to be elected. If you can’t be bothered voting for this many candidates below the line, at least cover those that have a chance, but aren’t guaranteed.


Thomas Clement